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Digital Slot Car Track. Daventry Miniature Race Cars



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  • 6-Lane Computer Controlled Slotfire® track

  • 4-Lane Banger-Racing track

  • 3-Lane Electronic lap-counting Slotfire® track

  • 2-Lane 50' Drag track

  • Single Lane Alpine hill-climb track

  • Outdoor Remote Controlled (RC) Crawler track

  • Indoor Drifter track

DMRC has the ultimate motor racing systems for all ages, where miniature cars race against each other on special slot tracks, getting their power from the middle (slot) of each lane. 


The speed of each car is controlled by a simple trigger handset - press harder to go faster and beat your opponents - but be careful not to fly off around the corners!

Our digital systems allow accurate monitoring and lap counting of our track for competitions, endurance racing and events.

Our new Remote Controlled Crawler tracks give lots of fun driving cars and tanks around the outdoor course.

Booked a birthday party for my 9 year old.  Everyone was kept very happy and engaged for two hours.  None of the children had ever played Scalextric before but by the end of the session they were all experts!  Thank you.


The highlight had to be the 6 lane race track, which put a lot of pressure on our host, as he had to run round the track putting the cars back into the slots due to our lack of control on the corners. He was glowing by the end lol. 
The rest of the venue was a delight for everyone too. From the outdoor train track to the long 2 lane drag strip, which my 3 year old granddaughter kept beating me on!!! (I'm sure her car was souped up) ((favouritism)) 
10 out of 10 from all of us


Book a 2 hour session at DMRC and it will include use of the tracks, flight simulators
AND Miniature World too!

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